Bluegrass travlers - bluegrass feeling

Eclectic original from Cult accordion ensembles, string quartets & Jazz-ska to alt-country, nu-folk, roots & rockabilly. Want to play a gig at the Wheaty?

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In bar 5, a Lester Flatt run in the key of F and an F Mixolydian (F-G-A-Bb-C-D-Eb) phrase service the F chord. (Let the Eb and the G ring together.) C minor pentatonic (C-Eb-F-G-Bb) and C major (C-D-E-F-G­ A-B) scales inform measures 7–8. Then, in bar 9, another Lester Flatt run, this one in G, colors the V chord (G). A fancy double pull-off occurs at the top of bar 10, followed by a C bluegrass run and a C Mixolydian banjo roll that together negotiate the C chord in measures 11–12. Measure 13 marks the second half of section A. Notice that the moves are variations of the phrases established in measures 5–12.

We focus on Your desired end.  We do it with few words and zero fluff.  We are about making You successful. We deliver what we promised when we promised it. You have a schedule. We keep you on it. When that works, we are satisfied.  No secret methods.  No multiple-step programs.  We are practitioner-scholars working for you.

Sarah King is an emerging artist based in Adelaide delivering an intimate collection of genre blurring tunes on her down tempo debut self-titled EP. Taking hints of jazz and folk King explores the realms of Chamber Pop featuring dreamy strings, melodic horns and ethereal vocals with themes of home, love and loss.  

Bluegrass Travlers - Bluegrass FeelingBluegrass Travlers - Bluegrass FeelingBluegrass Travlers - Bluegrass FeelingBluegrass Travlers - Bluegrass Feeling