Françoise hardy - story 1965-67

Françoise went on to record her début single in April 1962. This first single featured "Oh oh Chéri" (a song written by two of Johnny Hallyday’s habitual songwriters) and three of Françoise’s own compositions including "Tous les garçons et les filles". This last track greatly impressed Daniel Filipacchi, presenter of Radio Europe’s cult music show "Salut les Copains", who went on to play the song almost non-stop. "Tous les garçons et les filles" went on to become a phenomenal hit, selling an incredible two million copies, and young Françoise Hardy was catapulted to fame almost overnight (just as other 60’s idols Johnny Hallyday , Sylvie Vartan , Richard Anthony and pop diva Sheila had been before her). Thus at the height of "Yé yé" (the French rock'n'roll craze), Françoise Hardy found herself at the very forefront of the French music scene.

As the yé-yé era drew to a close in the late 1960s, Hardy sought to reinvent herself, casting off the fashionable girl next door image that Périer had created for her and abandoning the "cute" and catchy compositions that had characterized her repertoire up to that point; working with more accomplished songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, and Patrick Modiano. Her 1971 album La question represented an important turning point in her career, moving towards a more mature style; it remains her most acclaimed work and has generated a dedicated cult following over the years. The early 1970s also marked the beginning of Hardy's renowned involvement with astrology, becoming an expert and writer of the subject over the years.

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In 1960, Mina made her Festival della canzone italiana in Sanremo debut with two songs. She turned to slow emotional love songs for the first time. The song "È vero" ("It's True") reached #8 on the Italian charts. [30] Gino Paoli 's song " Il cielo in una stanza " ("The Sky in a Room") marked the beginning of the young singer's transformation from a rock and roll shrieker to a feminine inspiration for cantautori . [31] The idea for the song "Love can grow at any moment at any place" had come to Paoli while lying on a bed and looking at the purple ceiling. [32] The single topped the list of annual sales in Italy [9] and reached the Billboard Hot 100 [11] as "This World We Love In". Video performances of the song were included in the musicarellos Io bacio... tu baci and Appuntamento a Ischia , and in 1990, in the soundtrack of the film Goodfellas .

The excellent mid-'60s Vogue recordings of Françoise Hardy have only occasionally been available to those outside France, usually courtesy of either shady collections or pricey imports. The Vogue Years solves that problem (at least temporarily, as long as it's in print), boasting everything the modern music connoisseur looks for: a lengthy, chronological track listing, crisp remastered sound, lengthy historical liner notes (by Bob Stanley from Saint Etienne ), and an assortment of vintage photos. It hits most (surprisingly, not all) of her best recordings for Vogue from 1962 to 1967, beginning with "Tous les Garçons et le Filles," the multi-million seller recorded at her very first session. Disc two skips through her 1965-1966 material, during which she matured greatly as both a songwriter and performer, with productions that moved from the tinny sound of yeh-yeh pop into a fuller brand of rock arrangements. With no good retrospective also taking into account her extraordinary work from the late '60s ( Comment Te Dire Adieu ) and early '70s ( La Question ), The Vogue Years takes the cake as the best Françoise Hardy collection available.

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Françoise Hardy - Story 1965-67Françoise Hardy - Story 1965-67Françoise Hardy - Story 1965-67Françoise Hardy - Story 1965-67