Miroslav ilić - top hits

Bajagić produced Bezobrazno Zeleno debut album BZ1 released in 1983. [3] He produced Heroji only album, 88 (1988), [4] as well as their 7" single "Bilder" / "Instruktor skijanja" ("Bodybuilder" / "Skiing Instructor", released in 1986). [5] He produced his solo album Profesionalac – Muzika iz filma , [6] and participated in the production of Bajaga i Instruktori releases Četiri godišnja doba ( Four Seasons , released in 1991) [7] and Muzika na struju ( Electric Music , released in 1993). [8]

Biography Early career. Bajagić started his musical career as a singer for the band TNT. He wrote his first song lyrics (for the song "Dvadeseta noć", …

Miroslav Ilić - Top Hits