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The DireSquirrel was raised by immigrant penguins from the Galapagos islands. It learned to write by inscribing seacoast rocks with images that happened to resemble this thing humans call text. After that it was a grand downward spiral of original fiction, fan fiction and dastardly plots.

It is possible to use a wand without holding it. In Order of the Phoenix , Harry himself performs Lumos to light his wand when it is lying on the ground somewhere near him. [HP5] Additionally, Animagi and Metamorphmagi do not need wands to undergo their transformations.

There were five versions: 1. (China) – Towjam 3SP 2. (China) - Towjam 5SP ; 3. (Thailand) - Towjam 3SP ; 4. (Thailand) - Towjam PR5 ; 5. (Thailand) - Towjam PR5

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