Blue minds - the ghost in you

"Unchained Melody" reappeared on the Billboard charts in 1990 after The Righteous Brothers' recording was used in the box office blockbuster film Ghost . Two versions charted in the US that year – the original and a new recording. According to Medley, he was interested in having the original recording released due to the renewed interest in the song, but was told that there were licensing issues. Although Hatfield was no longer in the same condition vocally as when he first recorded the song, they decided to re-record the song for Curb Records . [38] The re-recorded version was released as both a cassette single and a vinyl single. It received minimal airplay but recorded excellent sales, peaking at number 19. The re-recorded version was certified Platinum by the RIAA on January 10, 1991, [39] and received a Grammy Award nomination. [40]

A type chart displaying the weaknesses and resistance of a Pokémon when damaged by a move. Empty fields are moves that do normal damage.

Comes to the team with a lead that might help catch Mr. Scratch, the elusive fugitive that has been tormenting the team all season.

As contemporary artists, we may best understand the biblical blue of the prayer shawl to be the same hue as the royal blue of the Israeli flag.

Michelle is right on the money when she says everyone can sense spirits to a certain extent.  A study funded by the CIA in the early 70's, run by Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, scientifically studied the ability of "remote viewing".  Though remote viewing was considered a failure, their scientific findings were legitimate.  Their study proved that virtually anyone can be trained to use and strengthen their ESP.  Many of their early studies were done with self proclaimed psychics. (Ingo Swann is thought to be a psychic, though he calls himself a "consciousness researcher".)  There are other researchers that have tried to make a connection between ESP and the "Fight or Flight" instinct.  I'll see if I can locate any online info regarding these studies for anyone who is interested in reading about it more extensively.

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Blue Minds - The Ghost In YouBlue Minds - The Ghost In YouBlue Minds - The Ghost In YouBlue Minds - The Ghost In You