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I have been to many good restaurants such as Gracie’s, Hemenway’s and Mills Tavern etc, Cafe Nuovo is supposedly as good as those one( Including foods and services) First of all, it was nice that someone opened the door for us and helped us with our coats. Then my sister almost slipped on the floor because for some reason the floor wasn’t flat. Half an hour late a lady fell on the floor in the same spot. After we seated I have to ask the waiter for a menu for drinks like maybe I should teach the waiter how to serve people? Aren’t we supposed to get a menu after we seated? Also we waited for almost 20min to be served. Seriously the restaurant isn’t short handed because I see a lot of waitresses and waiters and it was on a Wednesday night. Our water glasses were empty and have to ask for more water. Let me be honest, the foods and drinks are awesome but the services were awful, unfortunately I am one of those very picky people, I am all about services even the foods aren’t good. But for the price we were paying for the services I won’t come back again. I don’t normally complain but I am really upset about last night dining experience.

Endowing 3D objects with realistic surface appearance is a challenging and time-demanding task, since real world surfaces typically exhibit a plethora of spatially variant geometric and photometric detail. Not surprisingly, computer artists commonly use images of real world objects as an inspiration and a reference for their digital creations. However, despite two decades of research on image-based modeling, there are still no tools available for automatically extracting the detailed appearance (micro-geometry and texture) of a 3D surface from a single image. In this paper, we present a novel user-assisted approach for quickly and easily extracting a non-parametric appearance model from a single photograph of a reference object with a proxy, whose geometry roughly approximates that of the object in the photo. Once extracted, the appearance model may then be applied to various 3D shapes, whose large scale geometry may differ considerably from that of the original reference object. Thus, our approach makes it possible to construct an appearance library, allowing users to easily enrich detail-less 3D shapes with realistic geometric detail and surface texture.

Invasive Evaluation. The goals of contrast-enhanced angiography are to confirm the diagnosis and cause of renal-artery stenosis and to evaluate the extent of ...

Dimitri Skouras - World CitizenDimitri Skouras - World CitizenDimitri Skouras - World CitizenDimitri Skouras - World Citizen