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But what's going on in those noggins that makes elephants famous for their memory? Next, we'll dissect the elephant brain to see whether or not it's just peanuts up there.

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When designing tests of cognitive ability, it’s important to differentiate between an ingrained magnetic or olfactory sense, such as what insects, turtles, and birds might use to navigate (path integration), and an actual cognitive use of memory, with referential images of migratory paths that passed a favorite fruit tree or seasonal water pan. The ability to treat a representation (a picture of a banana, for example) as if it were the real thing (an actual banana) is required to form a mental simulation, in which inferences are generated from a memory stimulated by the picture.

Santa Claus as we know him today has only existed since the 19th century, and he first slid down the chimney in a 1812 book by Washington Irving. But the fireplace served as a venue for magical visitors long before Santa Claus. During the 15 th century, the French scholar Petrus Mamoris became concerned about a widespread belief that witches could pass through solid objects like walls and closed doors in order to enter homes. Believing Christians were granting too much power to the occult, Mamoris offered a practical explanation: witches, elves, and the like simply entered via the chimney . This idea gained widespread cultural currency. In Renaissance-era fairy tales, fairies appeared via chimneys, and during the same period, witches were said to fly up their chimneys on broomsticks to attend Sabbat meetings.

As African elephants act as a keystone species, it is vital to take steps in their conservation. Poaching and urban sprawl pose a massive threat to their survival. As such, the African elephant is classified as a vulnerable species under IUCN’s Red List .

Elephants Memory - Comando / MongooseElephants Memory - Comando / MongooseElephants Memory - Comando / MongooseElephants Memory - Comando / Mongoose