Lana is - in your head

Lana is raped by Thredson while Shachath looks on. When Thredson leaves the room, Shachath appears again and offers to end Lana's suffering. She almost gives in to the kiss of death but changes her mind at the last second. Thredson comes back and offers to kill Lana either via strangulation or by cutting her throat. He decides to lethally inject her with an anesthetic. Lana helplessly begs for her life, then realizes that she must fight back. Lana hits Thredson in the head with a picture of Wendy that is by the bed, strangles him with the chain, and stabs him in the leg with the syringe, momentarily knocking him out. He chases her up the stairs and tries to grab her, but she kicks him off onto a table and makes her escape. Lana escapes into the car of a man who drives by. The man does not favor women and accuses Lana of being unfair to her boyfriend and just like all other women before pulling out a gun and shooting himself in the head. Lana tries to grab the wheel, but the car wrecks. She awakens back in Briarcliff, where Sr. Mary Eunice talks to her. Lana tells Sister Mary Eunice that Thredson attacked her and that he is Bloody Face. While Sr. Mary Eunice initially believes her to be delusional from the wreck, she soon believes Lana's accusations when she recalls the possessed Jed Potter saying, "I love your work, Bloody Face" to Thredson on the night of the exorcism.

When Archer's car gets stolen, Lana, along with Cyril and Pam, aids him in getting it back from the Yakuza, whom they believed to have been the thieves. After a chase, it's revealed that Malory stole the car to teach Sterling a lesson about taking care of his things, similar to her taking his bike as a child. But it turns out she never gave the bike back, rendering the lesson pointless and Lana shocked ( Drift Problem ). Archer and Lana help Malory dispose of the body of the Italian prime minister after she called them. Despite constantly disagreeing, they initially agreed that making it look like self-defense was her best option. They instead partake in a dinner party charade when an NYPD detective comes to look around. After the detective has left, Lana makes Archer realise that Malory's story is a lie and that Malory had killed the prime minister. Archer is shocked but still finds himself craving Italian food. He invites Lana out for a slice ( Lo Scandalo ).

Generated from optimism and the joy of life, it invokes feelings of fearlessness and freedom and echoes over and over in our mind.

Our mind creates our own reality - this is the epiphany reached in the sublimely cathartic title song of singer-songwriter Lana Is's debut album "In Your Head." Slowly, song after song, Lana sings her way into our heads.

Lana takes off on a musical journey "through the cities of this world," seeking answers to her innermost questions. In her song "Towards myself" she finally turns to find the long sought answers within herself.

"In Your Head" is about Lana's life and the many years she spent moving from one country to another, dipping in and out of different cultures, languages and mentalities ? leaving her to question and contemplate her own identity. Her songs portray her inner spiritual curiosity, metaphysical self-dialogues and her search of authenticity as she seeks and finds a safe harbour in her own voice and music

Lana Is - In Your HeadLana Is - In Your HeadLana Is - In Your HeadLana Is - In Your Head