Sinéad o'connor - video compilation

A woman who told The Post that she has been staying at the Travelodge with her boyfriend for the past month said O’Connor had been at the motel for more than a week.

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I wasn’t surprised to see Annie Lennox was one of the first to voice concern for O’Connor . Lennox has spent the past 30 years expressing exquisite pain – and joy – in her music, music that has helped me find a way out of more dark tunnels than I care to remember. If only we were all as compassionate. I saw many people on social media dismiss O’Connor as “crazy” and an “attention seeker”, as though the solution is to just lock her up and forget about her. She needs love, support and understanding. Everyone struggling with poor mental health does.

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reported Monday that there was no record of O’Connor staying at the motel in South Hackensack, New Jersey.

"I had grown up in a manner which... I'm sure a lot of women will relate to, where it was dangerous to be a female," O'Connor says. "So, I always had that sense that it was quite important to protect myself -- make myself as unattractive as I possibly could."

Sinéad O'Connor - Video CompilationSinéad O'Connor - Video CompilationSinéad O'Connor - Video CompilationSinéad O'Connor - Video Compilation