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This NFL Game Pass review is an in-depth analysis of what you can expect from the NFL's most affordable streaming service. I'll talk about all of the impressive things that Game Pass has to offer and, when appropriate, where it might be lacking .

Post Continued: Why Take a Cycling Tour--and Why Not Do It Yourself?
Everyone has his own reasons for traveling, and everyone has his own approach to planning it. Family styles of travel differ greatly, too.

I love to plan travel, and my family (now grown) loved to travel. In the late 90s and early 2000s, we had tons of frequent flyer miles because my husband basically was on a plane 5 days a week, and that combined with a strong dollar, provided a lot of incentive to get to Europe. My husband and kids were willing to stay in any type of place as long as it was clean (well, I'm not so sure the kids even cared about that), so I had a lot of options in using our travel dollar wisely.

Overall, our vacations reflected different aspects of our family life. I was a former teacher and my husband and kids were athletes. We tended to have "museum style" trips in the winter months and very active vacations in the spring and summer. When the kids were smaller, that meant in the US we were found hiking the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon or looking for Rocky Mtn sheep or moose in national parks.

Ironically, the trips that were harder to plan were the active ones. My family could spend days in museums, believe it or not, and those types of trips allowed for more instant decision changes to allow for everyone's needs. Not so on active trips. I could find the accommodations, make sure everyone had the right gear, get all the transport details locked down, but I could NOT make everyone happy on the trail. My husband hikes too fast. My little one always felt we were not treating her right. And I was always exhausted from being Management 100% of the trip.

So when my little one had just turned 8 and my oldest was almost 13, we signed up with a now defunct active travel company to hike the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. I had felt overwhelmed by trying to match the rail transport with trails we should take, and opted to take an easy way out because this specific tour group's pricing was very comparative with what I had been planning on my own.

The hiking tour was geared towards families, and the company owner really had a feel for what kids needed. We were always back in time for all the kids to hit a pool or playground. The kids got hiking sticks to which one would attach a medallion of each village we went through. We were at a bakery at dawn so the kids could see how the bread they ate that day came to be--and THEN they were told that the baker had just rescued four men from a mountain top hours before.

A good time was had by all, and this is what I took away from it:
--All of us could hike at our own pace and have company, yet
--We were not "locked in" to a group social situation 24/7
--I did not have to plan every day's trail
--I did not have to carry medical supplies--it wasn't MY problem!
--I did not need to know "emergency" words in a foreign language
--I did not have to plan our lunch stop. I did not have to plan where we would have dinner. I did not have to decide which hotel was best.

In other words, I got a vacation in there.

After that, we tried out a hybrid cycle and/or hike tour, and that led us to thinking that we preferred cycling most of all. And as years went by, we tried to do one every year. A few weeks ago, my husband and I completed our 17th cycle tour.

Why Not Do It On Your Own?
The short answer? Bicycle quality. Having a decent bike to ride is the overall most important variable in cycling trip happiness.

Oh, I've rented bicycles frequently as part of a day or two's adventure in cities all over the US and Europe. One of us MIGHT get a decent bike; it was rare that all four of us would. I will discuss more about bike quality in the Cycling Tour Generalities section.

Secondary factors are emergency services, luggage hauling, day's ride, and overall trip timing. Just knowing that I don't have to plan how to get our luggage to another place OR have to haul it on the bike is a huge relief. Knowing that a flat tire doesn't mean a ruined afternoon is another relief. And knowing that someone has a good feel for how long it will take us to get from Point A to Point B at OUR pace is so helpful, and knowing that someone with knowledge of the local area has planned our cycling route to be both enjoyable and safe is a delight.

Another key word: pace. When my husband and I hiked, I was always angry that he needed to speed up a mountain. And it's really true: he NEEDED to speed. That's how he walks, he talks, he works. I'm slow to get going--and then I can zoom. So when we hiked or biked together, one of us was always unhappy.

With these trips, all of my family members can choose their own speed because of support services. My oldest liked to leave before any in the group got going, would do all long options (explained below), might even fit in an extra option, and would be showered by the time anyone else got back. My little one liked to bike with Daddy (fast, but with stops for berries), and I liked to bike by myself.

So as expensive as a complete active cycle tour can be, there are distinct advantages that we, and particularly I, value.

My experience with Pass Labs amplifiers is that they most definitely possess a “family” sound.  Each one is sort of like a chef making variations to an otherwise perfect recipe, just to meet the taste requirements of certain special clientele.  I’ve found it hard to fault the general sound of these amps (though I’m sure they have their detractors somewhere out there…), not to mention their overall performance with a variety of different speakers, their reliability, and sterling build quality.  My dad, who has been an excellent cook his whole life, says that if you want to take a very good lettuce salad to the next level, all you need to do is add a dash of sugar.  Maybe that’s what Pass Labs has done in the case of the , as I can say it’s now my favorite Pass Labs product I’ve heard to date.  Yeah, that must be it: the full class A implementation must be the equivalent of a dash of hi-fi natural sweetener.

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