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Homare arrives via helicopter with Lund , Strom and various other members of the Illuminati to pick up Renzo and the captured Izumo Kamiki . She congratulates Renzo on completing his mission, but questions whether the present Nemu Takara will do anything to stop them, which he denies. Homare then tells Renzo to stay and watch as the guards around them put up shields as Rin Okumura and various others arrive at the scene. Ignoring the inquiries of Shima's old allies, the member tells Renzo that "he" should appear soon, and in a blaze of light, Lucifer, their leader, appears, and delivers a message of war to the True Cross Order, as well as make their goal to revive Satan and unify Assiah and Gehenna perfectly clear. She then watches as Lucifer converses with his brother, Mephisto , and as they prepare to leave, Lucifer collapses, which warrants Homare's attention. As she calls the doctor to care for Lucifer, Rin attacks the group, and Homare orders Renzo to fend him off, which he does. After they all climb into the helicopter and depart, Homare sees Renzo collapse from fatigue and demands that someone take care of him. [7]

You will create a new Lightning app using the Lightning App Builder and add the new app to Salesforce1 mobile app and the Lightning Experience desktop UI.

Various - Popstars - Todo Por Un Sueño - Gala 5