Sal palmer - baby come back to me / i put her on a pedestal

I was handling some business on my phone when Andrew Truck asked me if I was free. I wasn't going to give him a ride, but he was insistent, so I let him hop in my backseat. Andrew was on his way to meet friends. We started chatting and realized we were both drivers. As we chatted, I noticed him looking at my big natural tits. Straightforwardly, he asked if he could touch them. I was impressed with the honesty and said yes, but only if he let me see his cock. I sucked his dick in the backseat, and bounced my ass up and...

Congratulations everyone and to Jazmine for not only coming first in Class 2 & 3 but with having a horse whose name I had to check 3 times that I had written it down properly!

Sal Palmer - Baby Come Back To Me / I Put Her On A Pedestal