Redavide - signorina "insincerita'"

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I am a first time and most satisfied customer. I am sharing with family and friends this web-site for any future fragrance they need. Please give FragranceX my compliments to the ease, very quick delivery, and quality of product. Thank you.
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I can't believe some sort of pepper is not listed as a note. The opening is a lot like Si Lolita...though this has patchouli. I got a rollerball for cheap and after reading reviews of the Signorina line I'm sure I picked the right one. I like both Miss Dior and Coco Mademoiselle but this is just a tad more spicy/ dirty. I usually like mellow florals or light airy citrus though so what I consider" dirty" others might consider mild.

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I appreciated the quick response to my order. I had not been able to get this particular fragrance at the departments stores in our area. I was glad to be able to see that this fragrance was available from your company online and at a slightly lower price than some other online companies.
B. Volk (Carmel, IN)

I wanted to love this so bad, bc i loveeee Signorina Misteriosa. And normally i love sweet, vanilla scent, like i love La vie est belle, Lancome la Nuit Tresor, YSL Black Opium...but omg i cannot for god sake love this. It's an easy-going scent, don't get me wrong, but somehow there's something in it smells very synthetic, cloying sweet, and it annoys me so much. This perfume is like a bigger sister of Misteriosa who complains about everything, and just want to be a hot, sweet but pretentious girl all the time. And it's way too girly, and not in a grown up way, but a scent that me in high school would have worn. It lasts a decent of time, the bottle is cute, but seriously, if you are into sweet, vanilla but a little bit mature and less childish scents, try Misteriosa. Sorry guys but this is really not for me.

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