Cannibal corpse - wretched spawn

Red Before Black  will be out November 3 on Metal Blade, and can be pre-ordered  here . Cannibal Corpse go on tour with Power Trip and Gatecreeper the very same day this album comes out! Get dates  here .

Watch videos & listen free to Cannibal Corpse : Only One Will Die, Code of the Slashers & more. Formed in Buffalo, NY in 1988, Cannibal Corpse helped found ...

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After the murder of a four-year-old-girl by Kroll, police were knocking around when a neighbor told them about a clogged waste pipe. When the neighbor had asked Kroll if he knew what was stopping up the pipes, he simply replied, “Guts.” The pipe was blocked up by the girl’s intestines. Upon entering Kroll’s residence, the police found a house of horrors, complete with a severed hand cooking in a pan of boiling water.

Download the music (included in kit) and play it as MP3's or burn it to a CD to play in your home audio system when you host the murder mystery dinner party.

Yet this legend is an expression of misdirected retribution because it is the necrophiliac’s next living partner who ends up with the infestation. Sexual juvenilia is rife with tales of icky punishments visited upon those who engage in kinky practices, but this particular legend stands out because the one suffers the consequence is the innocent party. Unlike the girl in the “ Mayo Clinic ” legend, whose creative use of tuna during oral sex results in a vaginal infestation of maggots, the young lady in this story pays a horrifying price for her partner’s misdeeds, not her own. Her boyfriend’s disgusting secret comes to light in an awful fashion: The gal is left not only with horrifying knowledge of someone she previously trusted, but with the tangible (and wriggling) mementos of his act.

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Wretched SpawnCANNIBAL CORPSE - Wretched SpawnCANNIBAL CORPSE - Wretched SpawnCANNIBAL CORPSE - Wretched Spawn