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I mark the mother plant pot with a code on a piece of tape, and write a duplicate one to place on the little pot used for the cutting. This is particularly handy when I do not know the name of the hybrid but want to track how well each plant propagates.

Greif & Co. is the best. They never cease to amaze me with what they can accomplish for their clients. Their support is fabulous. They believe in their clients. I’m not the least bit surprised by what they can do.

Victor Hugo was likely familiar with Spenser, but may not have known the English nursery rhyme when, in 1862, he published the novel Les Misérables . Hugo was a poet as well as a novelist, and within the text of the novel are many songs. One sung by the character Fantine contains this refrain, in the 1862 English translation:

Ash Wednesday is set in the Manhattan of the early 1980's and is about a pair of Irish-American brothers (Burns and Wood) who become embroiled in a conflict with the Irish Mob.

4" African Violets from the Optimara "Victorian Charm" Variegated series. Modesty (blue), Romance (pink), Affection (pink star) & Friendship (lilac).

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Go Violets - ^-.-^Go Violets - ^-.-^Go Violets - ^-.-^Go Violets - ^-.-^