Various - il canzoniere internazionale dei ribelli

For pleasure alone he climbed Mount Ventoux, which rises to more than six thousand feet, beyond Vaucluse. It was no great feat, of course; but he was the first recorded Alpinist of modern times, the first to climb a mountain merely for the delight of looking from its top. (Or almost the first; for in a high pasture he met an old shepherd, who said that fifty years before he had attained the summit, and had got nothing from it save toil and repentance and torn clothing.) Petrarch was dazed and stirred by the view of the Alps, the mountains around Lyons , the Rhone , the Bay of Marseilles . He took St. Augustine 's Confessions from his pocket and reflected that his climb was merely an allegory of aspiration towards a better life. [12]

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Not only is such a large assortment of definitions confusing, but the definitions themselves are often redundant or impertinent. There is no reason to call all Classical revivals “humanistic” when the word  Classical suffices. To say that professors in the many disciplines known as the humanities are humanists is to compound vagueness with vagueness, for these disciplines have long since ceased to have or even aspire to a common rationale. The definition of humanism as  anthropocentricity or human-centredness has a firmer claim to correctness. For obvious reasons, however, it is confusing to apply this word to Classical literature.

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Various - Il Canzoniere Internazionale Dei RibelliVarious - Il Canzoniere Internazionale Dei RibelliVarious - Il Canzoniere Internazionale Dei RibelliVarious - Il Canzoniere Internazionale Dei Ribelli