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T3 Toxicosis Since 1957, when the first patient with T3 thyrotoxicosis was identified, a number of patients have been detected who had clinical thyrotoxicosis, normal serum levels of T4 and TBG, and elevated concentrations of T3 and FT3[8]. Hollander et al [9] found that approximately 4% of patients with thyrotoxicosis in the New York area fit this category. These patients often have mild disease but otherwise have been indistinguishable clinically from others with thyrotoxicosis. Some have had the diffuse thyroid hyperplasia of Graves’ disease, others toxic nodular goiter, and still others thyrotoxicosis with hyperfunctioning adenomas. Interestingly, in Chile, a country with generalized iodine deficiency, % of thyrotoxic subjects fulfilled the criteria for T3 thyrotoxicosis [10]. Asymptomatic hypertriiodothyronemia is an occasional finding several months before the development of thyrotoxicosis with elevated T4 levels [11]. Since T4 is normally metabolized to T3, and the latter hormone is predominantly the hormone bound to nuclear receptors, it makes sense that elevation of T3 alone is already indicative of thyrotoxicosis.

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