Herman finkers - als gezonde jongen zijnde

In the 1989 elections , the PPR, PSP, CPN and EVP entered in the elections with one single list called Groen Links. In the Netherlands, parties usually participate in the elections with one list for the whole country. The candidates on top of the list get the priority for the distribution of seats won. The GreenLeft list of candidates was organised in such a way that all the parties were represented and new figures could enter. The PPR, which had been the largest party in 1986 got the top candidate (the lijsttrekker , Ria Beckers ) and the number five; the PSP got the numbers two and six, the CPN the number three and the EVP number eleven. The first independent candidate was Paul Rosenmöller , trade unionist from Rotterdam, on the fourth place. In the elections, the party doubled its seats in comparison to 1986 (from three to six), but the expectations had been much higher. [9] In the 1990 municipal elections, the party fared much better, strengthening the resolve to cooperate. [8]

Amsterdam's prosperity declined during the 18th and early 19th centuries. The wars of the Dutch Republic with England and France took their toll on Amsterdam. During the Napoleonic Wars , Amsterdam's significance reached its lowest point, with Holland being absorbed into the French Empire . However, the later establishment of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815 marked a turning point.

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Herman Finkers - Als Gezonde Jongen ZijndeHerman Finkers - Als Gezonde Jongen ZijndeHerman Finkers - Als Gezonde Jongen ZijndeHerman Finkers - Als Gezonde Jongen Zijnde