Various - русские народные протяжные песни ульяновской области

O n 12th of March 1896 Popov together with Ribkin demonstrated wireless transmission of Morse signals from one university building to another that was 200 meters far from the first one. It was the first sensible transmission of text in the world. In spring of 1897 Popov conducted some experiments on the ships and was able to transmit information to a ship that was as far as 640 meters from Popov. He was increasing the distance of transmission day by day.

I n 1897 he also discovered that all metal objects in the way of a radio wave could change the wave direction, or in other words could reflect it. It was the start of another useful invention called later radio-location. Imperfection of equipment at that time did not allow to put the observation into use until 40 years later when the first radio-radar was built. Others have laid claims that they discovered this phenomena of wave reflection, but it should be remembered that the invention was actually made by Popov.

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– I am not a psychologist, but I would say that Black metallers in Western Europe and North America are not as tough due to the overall “bourgeoisification” and domestication. They are more nihilistic because of the spirit of extreme liberalism that has raged in these lands for much longer than in Eastern Europe. Here in France, many metalheads are egocentric shows-offs, living with their moms and having an easy life. The Western Europe is known for higher living standards, materialism, vulgar hedonism, lower birth rates, and the Emperor syndrome – when the only child in the family gets all the attention, no surprise we see so many selfish cowards out there. Every little shit, mollycoddled by his parents, thinks he’s a god and has no spirit of sacrifice whatsoever, no sense of community ethics. They will never take any risk. Political correctness is in a way their comfort zone.

In 2012, Hankook Tire developed an airless
tire using a new type of material.
The NPT (Non Pneumatic Tire) saves energy by
reducing the production process by half.
Created from a new type of uni-material,
it can be reused or recycled.
The NPT will be used for eco-friendly car models
including hydrogen, electric and hybrid cars.

Various - Русские народные протяжные песни Ульяновской областиVarious - Русские народные протяжные песни Ульяновской областиVarious - Русские народные протяжные песни Ульяновской областиVarious - Русские народные протяжные песни Ульяновской области