Joyride! - bodies of water

When Lockdown comes to, Blackarachnia is seemingly gone. Dismissing this, he boards his ship and heads down to Detroit in pursuit of his real target, Optimus Prime, little realising that Blackarachnia, stowing away aboard his ship and hidden from its scanners thanks to her techno-organic make-up, has hitched a free ride to Earth and is now hot in pursuit of the very same Autobot...

6.            Please submit all of those above in a complete document to the DCA (Air Transport Division). Any incomplete application will be reject.  The submission of your application must be at least 14 days (working days) before flying dates. 2 Roshni Abdul Aziz Aduan kami mengenai kekerapan helikopter awam membuat laluan paras rendah berdekatan kawasan kampung kami di Rumah Rakyat Teluk Pelanduk dengan bunyi yang kuat dan merunsingkan kepada ketenteraman kawasan ini. Helikotper tersebut membuat “joyride” dari hotel Lexis Hibiscus selalunya pada hari minggu dan cuti apabila kami berehat dirumah setelah penat berkerja, dan penerbangan dibuat sebanyak setiap 15 minit sepanjang hari. Ini amat menggangu ketenteraman dikawasan desa ini. Puan,

"ZZZZZ" was shot entirely on a massive interior set, including the two story mockup of Ben's house and the full garden constructed by Jack Poplin and his team on Soundstage#4 at KTTV. (source - The Outer Limits:The Official Companion (1986), page 197.)

Here’s our second edition of Medium at Large art immersive workshops with the kids! Lots of great exploration works of different mediums were created in their very own sketchbooks. Many ideas were explored on their canvases and of course, they got to use their favourite medium 🙂

Joyride! - Bodies Of WaterJoyride! - Bodies Of WaterJoyride! - Bodies Of WaterJoyride! - Bodies Of Water