Peter chalmers - fleetstep choreography

Co-authored with Frank Jackson. Philosophical Review , 110:315-61, 2001. This paper is a reply to Ned Block and Robert Stalnaker’s paper “Conceptual Analysis, Dualism, and the Explanatory Gap” . It doesn’t presuppose knowledge of that paper. It defends from first principles the thesis that there is an a priori entailment from microphysical and phenomenal truths (plus or minus a bit) to macroscopic truths; it addresses Block and Stalnaker’s objections to this thesis; and finally argues that a priori entailment is required for reductive explanation and for physicalism. The paper appears in Philosophical Review 110:315-61, 2001. There have been a number of replies, . by Peter Carruthers , Joe Levine , and Laura Schroeter . A number of the ideas and argument here are developed further in Constructing the World . [pdf] [philpapers]

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Peter Chalmers - Fleetstep ChoreographyPeter Chalmers - Fleetstep ChoreographyPeter Chalmers - Fleetstep ChoreographyPeter Chalmers - Fleetstep Choreography