Blanks 77 / the parasitix - gettin' blasted!

Blanks 77/The Parasitix (1. Hey You 2. No Fucking Way) by Blanks 77, The Parasitix , released 22 February 2016 1. Blanks 77 - Hey You 2. The Parasitix - No Fucking Way

Ten song split 12″ by two of NJ’s raddest bands! The classic Blanks 77 with their first new material in almost 15 years, and NJ spiky haired drunk punks The Parasitix! 

Punknews is thrilled to bring you the new full album split between two of New Jersey’s finest, Blanks 77 and The Parasitix. More than geography, these bands are united by their love of spikes, studs and booze. Getting’ Blasted! is ten unapologetic, NSFW songs about drinking and not giving a shit. This raging slab of street-punk is being released worldwide on Jailhouse Records on April 29th. Up the punks! .

Instead, they’re stoked to travel across a few states to make basically no money playing at 4 . for 50 people, and refuse to half-ass a note of a performance that continued until the venue demanded Blanks 77 relinquish the stage. For supposed proprietors of nihilism, Blanks 77 demonstrate one heck of a positive mental attitude.

Your a disaster just waiting to happen
taking all the time but theres never any action
all the lights are on but nobodys home
please go away--just leave me alone

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Gettin’ Blasted  is scheduled for release on April 29th through Jailhouse Records . This will be Blank 77’s first studio material in 15 years and will be The Parasitix’s first official release.

Blanks 77 / The Parasitix - Gettin' Blasted!Blanks 77 / The Parasitix - Gettin' Blasted!Blanks 77 / The Parasitix - Gettin' Blasted!