Autumn creatures - blue forest

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Here's a colouring page of the blackberry bush, with detailed close-up drawings of the fruit, flowers and branches for the children to colour in.

You may prick your fingers but it's well worthwhile if you can persuade someone to make you a blackberry and apple crumble or blackberry jam. You can also spot all sorts of wildlife also feasting on the hedgerow harvest. Blackbirds and thrushes love blackberries too and the crops of rose-hips, sloes, crab apples , elderberries and haws (hawthorn berries) provide autumn food for mice, voles , hedgehogs , squirrels as well as many kinds of birds. Download our activity sheet below to make your own blackberry crumble!

When a single Mgalekgolo colony becomes too big, the colony will divide in half to create two independent Mgalekgolo colonies. These colonies will share an extremely close and mysterious bond, referred to only as being "bond brothers" or "mates." [8] Mgalekgolo that have split into "bond brothers" are recognized by spiked appendages that rise from their shoulders. [4] The Covenant usually drop bonded Mgalekgolo into combat together because if one of the bonded colonies is killed, the other will go into a frenzied berserk.

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Autumn Creatures - Blue ForestAutumn Creatures - Blue ForestAutumn Creatures - Blue ForestAutumn Creatures - Blue Forest