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Lyrically, Belew is just as enigmatic as Side Two ‘s music. In the liner notes, he explains that he wrote “terse haiku-like lyrics” for the record, “a break from the traditional form of verse chorus verse chorus”. It’s not so much a challenge for him as a songwriter as it is an opportunity to express his eccentricities in a simpler fashion. “One day you wake up / But you didn’t even know / You were asleep,” goes one of the record’s near-creepy meditations. Side Two isn’t going to usher in a new era of fame for Belew, and it may not be the most accessible starting point for Belew newbies (it almost feels like a headspace-cleaning intermission between One and the upcoming Three ), but it still sounds like it could come from no one else. If Belew has to continue to exist on the outskirts of pop’s expansive territory to sound this original, so be it.

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Adrian Belew - Side TwoAdrian Belew - Side TwoAdrian Belew - Side TwoAdrian Belew - Side Two