Prince tonny kiddy & his expo '96 oma super sound - osekene

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"My beef is not with Prince Philip. He is a distinguished member of the British royal family who has been contributing for many decades. My concern is that the Australian government, the Abbott government, could not find an Australian to give one of these awards to."

Because of Kidd's refusal to salute, the Navy vessel's captain retaliated by pressing much of Kidd's crew into naval service , despite rampant protests. Thus short-handed, Kidd sailed for New York City, capturing a French vessel en route (which was legal under the terms of his commission). To make up for the lack of officers, Kidd picked up replacement crew in New York, the vast majority of whom were known and hardened criminals, some undoubtedly former pirates.

Prince Tonny Kiddy & His Expo '96 Oma Super Sound - Osekene